English: Heidi drives a 1930 Hudson around the world

Frau Hetzer mit roter Tasche

Heidi Hetzer is a 77-year-old former automobile dealer, rallye car driver, classic car collector and popular celebrity in Berlin. She is currently circumnavigating the globe in a vintage car. She started in July 2014 in Berlin, driving a 1930 Hudson. Initially accompanied by a male co-pilot, the team split up in September 2014. Heidi continues alone, more or less following in the tracks of german Clärenore Stinnes, who made a similar journey from 1927 to 1929.

Heidi’s travels have taken her through Eastern Europe, Central Asia, China, South Asia and Australia. Now she’s in New Zealand and will arrive in the U.S.A. in June 2015.  She starts in L.A., heads north to Canada, east by way of Chicago to New England, south to Florida and finally back west around Thanksgiving 2015. Then she will drive her Hudson named „Hudo“ south all the way to Patagonia and cross the southern Atlantic to South Africa (April 2016). Finally back home to Berlin by June 2016.

Since her car breaks down a lot unfortunately, it’s hard to make reliable predictions about when she will be where. Sorry!

To contact us please use this email:   meet.heidi.along.the.way@gmail.com

Current location of Heidi and „Hudo“

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    wilma sagte:
    3. Juni 2015 um 04:28
    Warren (in Hobart) sagte:
    12. März 2015 um 12:30

    I found the below news story on the ABC’s (Australia) web site. I’ll try to copy and paste it here.


    German adventurer Heidi Hetzer’s round-the-world vintage car trip in a 1930 Hudson stalls in Adelaide

    Two broken pistons and the need for a new engine may have slowed Germany’s Heidi Hetzer’s driving trip around the world, but nothing will stop the 77-year-old from continuing her journey.

    Ms Hetzer loaded „Hudo“, a 1930 Hudson, with her belongings and five car-shaped handbags and left Berlin on August 1, 2014.
    A partial map of Ms Hetzer’s planned route around the world.
    Photo A partial map of Ms Hetzer’s planned route around the world.
    891 ABC Adelaide: Brett Williamson

    She has since driven through Europe, the Middle East, China, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore before shipping the vehicle to Perth and driving to Adelaide.

    Half way across the Nullarbor Ms Hetzer noticed the car had begun to blow smoke and use a lot of oil.

    By the time she had arrive in Adelaide she was burning about five litres of oil per day and knew her treasured car was in a little trouble.

    „So far I have driven about 30,000 kilometres – this is a lot for one old engine,“ Ms Hetzer said as she stood next to the Hudson, resting in an Adelaide mechanical workshop.

    Both are now temporarily halted in Adelaide until the car is transported to Melbourne where a new engine will be fitted.
    Honouring a German pioneer

    Ms Hetzer, a former automobile dealer and rally car driver from Berlin, retired at the age of 75 and decided to retrace and extend the 1920s journey of Clarenore Stinnes.
    The 1930 Hudson at a standstill, waiting for engine repairs.
    Photo The 1930 Hudson at a standstill, waiting for engine repairs after cracks were found on two piston heads.
    891 ABC Adelaide: Brett Williamson

    „You can only do this either when you are very young or very old,“ Ms Hetzer said.

    When Ms Stinnes set off on her journey she was 27 years old.

    Ms Hetzer said she thought she would stay with that era of vehicle to keep true to the original journey.

    Along the way „Hudo“ has had a piston and clutch replaced in Uzbekistan, with several running repairs made to keep the vintage vehicle running until its terminal cracking of two piston heads in Australia.

    The vehicle’s original wooden-spoke rear wheel had also been damaged and poorly repaired. Mechanics in Adelaide have been able to create an entirely new replica for her.

    Apart from modern, racing-styled seats to make the drive more comfortable, Ms Hetzer’s 1930 Hudson remains in its original condition.

    „I want to have that feeling, like Clarenore Stinnes had,“ Ms Hetzer said.
    One of the Hudson wooden-spoked wheels was rebuilt by mechanics in Adelaide.
    Photo One of the Hudson’s wooden-spoked wheels was rebuilt by mechanics in Adelaide.
    891 ABC Adelaide: Brett Williamson

    With the speed of the Hudson much slower than modern vehicles, Ms Hetzer’s patience has also grown thanks to the recreation.

    „At home I was a race car driver and I always wanted to be first, now I have to learn that everybody passes me,“ she said.

    „Now, in one day, if I pass three cars I go ‚yay!‘ and have to write it in my book.

    „It’s a different life, but at 77 I think now I want to live different; now I think it is my time.“

    Ms Hetzel will continue onto Melbourne, New Zealand, USA, South America and Cape Horn in South Africa before heading home for her 80th birthday.

    „Then I make the next plan.“

    She is contemplating planning another trip, taking 10 companions, on a similar journey.

    „I don’t think this will be the end, no.“
    Ms Hetzer’s love of automotive handbags is visible through the rear window.
    Photo Ms Hetzer’s love of automotive handbags is visible through the rear window of her 1930 Hudson.

    891 ABC Adelaide: Brett Williamson

    Warren sagte:
    23. Februar 2015 um 12:50

    Well, what amazing luck I had and more so a surprise for Heidi.
    Recently my cousin Gisela in Berlin told me about a friend traveling around the world with a vintage car and was about to arrive in Perth Australia. Since then from Hobart I’ve followed Heidi’s travels and this evening saw on her SPOT tracker web page that she was just arriving at the Madura roadhouse along the Nullarbor. So I wondered if I could phone and say hello to her and rang the reception there. Just as I was speaking to the receptionist Heidi walked in and the receptionist said „Are you Heidi who is travling in a vintage car? Well, I have a phone call for you here!“ Although quite surprised Heidi answered and we had good little chat. She did expressed some concern that Hudo is going though a bit of oil. Hopefully though they’ll make it to a suitable workshop, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Wishing you and Hudo further good travels.

      wilma sagte:
      23. Februar 2015 um 19:00

      wow, that is a great story. Thanks for sharing.
      I have been following her adventure from even before she left Berlin. I find reading about her technical, bureaucratic and geographical challenges more exciting than any action novel. What I love most reading about are the encounters with all the friendly, welcoming, helpful, curious, interesting …. people (including people who call her in the middle of the desert). I am too chicken to do what Heidi is doing. I bite my nails when we don’t hear from her, keep my fingers crossed and get all excited when I see new pictures or posts. What a great trip. THANKS Heidi.

    Marla, Heidi's webmaster sagte:
    21. Februar 2015 um 09:12

    Update: Heidi started crossing the Nullarbor Plain today. Wish her luck!

      Warren sagte:
      21. Februar 2015 um 22:11

      Gute Reise wuensche ich Dir Heide ueber die Nullarbor. Habe ich 1987 unternommen ohne Zwischenfaelle. Gruesse aus Hobart Tasmanien von Warren ehemalige Berliner.

    Marla, Heidi's webmaster sagte:
    1. Februar 2015 um 12:49

    Heidi is currently on board a freighter from Singapore to Perth, arrival around February 10th. She’s set up comfortably in the „Owner’s Suite“ thanks to german ship owner Hamburg Süd. To contact us because you want to meet her along the way please use this email meet.heidi.along.the.way(at)gmail.com
    Since her car breaks down a lot unfortunately, it’s hard to make reliable predictions however. Sorry!

    Tony Lucente sagte:
    25. Januar 2015 um 00:27

    Thanks for the translation. Look us up if you find yourself in Philadelphia, PA.

    David sagte:
    22. Januar 2015 um 20:44

    Thank you for translating posts into English. I don’t speak German so it has been frustraing for me to not be able to the posts in German.


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